Week one!

I started my first week at the gym last Monday. I headed straight over after work. I’ll admit that I felt a little self-conscious but I was excited too. Dressed in my new gym attire from Penney’s, I stepped through the doors and into the gym.



Top=€7.00 Workout Pants=€11.00 Crop Vest=€6.00

When you first join a gym, the instructors will do up a workout plan based on what you wish to achieve and I would recommend that you follow their advice. They will do all they can to help you!

I found a quiet place (which was difficult to find!) in a corner of the gym and started with some warm-ups. It’s so important not to skip on warming up as this helps to avoid injury to the muscles and tendons.


Here I am in my gym gear!

I started with arm circles in a forward’s direction. I did one set of ten reps before repeating this in the opposite direction, also doing one set of ten reps. Then I did a set of backward and forward lunge walks and a set of ten hip rotations!

Don’t worry if you think everyone is looking at you or you feel silly, you’d feel worse if you ended up with an injury!

Having finished my warm ups, I headed over to the treadmill and began my workout. On the first day I started to walk at a fast enough pace. I increased my speed every day so by the end of the week I was running.

I then hopped onto the stepper and spent about fifteen minutes working on that machine. Again by the end of the week I had increased my speed and believe me I felt the burn! Having finished on the stepper, I moved to the cross-trainer. I actually hate this machine! But I persevered and managed to finish my set.

The rower was next on my agenda and it just so happened to be free. Happily I spent my next few minutes on that machine before heading over and grabbing one of the gym balls! These are great for improving overall muscle tone for the entire body, which is what I am looking for. It’s also brilliant for anybody who suffers with their back. I usually do my sit-ups using an exercise ball. I also do squats. This tones your buttocks, back of thighs and lower back.


I finished with some cool down stretches, toe touches, inside thigh, standing quadriceps etc… After the first week, my muscles were sore but in a good way! I’m looking forward to the next week and maybe will also go for a swim.

I’m not a professional trainer but I will give this piece of advice, If you feel dizzy or unwell, stop immediately, don’t continue with your workout!!

Love Aoife xxx


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