Nailtiques Nail Protein -Review!

My nails are constantly in water, which does not help the condition of my nails! I started to use Nailtiques nail protein 2 plus everyday to improve my nails from there weaken, brittle state.


This product is designed to help those with excessive nail problems and encourage firm flexible nails. The main ingredients, contains calcium, hydrolysed keratin and a protein with gelatin which help to bond the nail layers together and preventing them from chipping, peeling and splitting.



How to use:

Apply daily. Once nails begin to strengthen, decrease application.

Can be worn alone or underneath nail polish. Remove nail protein weekly with a non-acetone remover and begin again.


Nailtiques nail protein is fantastic! It is one of the best nail strengtheners on the market that I have tried. I really was impressed with the nailtiques nail protein in 2 plus formula. Before starting to use this nail strengthener my nails were brittle, soft and peeling. After using this product for a few weeks I started to notice the condition of my nails beginning to strengthen. I would recommend this product to anyone with weak nails.


Love Aoife xxx


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