DIY: Rose Gold Makeup Brush Mason Jars!

I love DIY tips and tricks, especially when it comes to being a little bit creative. Everybody has old glass mason jars sitting in their kitchen gathering dust so here is a DIY project for you!





What you’ll need:

-Mason Jars


-Spray Paint


I would advise spray painting the mason jars outside rather than inside as it can be quite messy.

Place some newspaper down on a flat area and sit the mason jars on top of the paper. Coat the jars with one layer of the spray paint in your chosen colour. Then leave to dry. Once this is dry repeat the process again until you reach the desired colour or once the mason jars are fully coated and there are no patches.




Once you have finished spray, painting them and they have dried you can display your makeup brushes in them.


Love Aoife xxx


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