How to achieve the perfect Summer Glow!

Most of us probably have had a spray tan or two but here are some top tips for applying your tan at home! You’ll be just a few steps away from resembling a Brazilian Goddess!



The first tip is to exfoliate and by doing this regularly your skin will be in great condition. Gently scrubbing the skin with an exfoliator helps to lift dead skin cells and makes fake tan sit better on the skin.

Make sure to wax 48 hours before tanning otherwise you will end up irritating your skin. If you generally shave, then I would advise doing so the day before.

Also make sure to moisturise your skin, paying particular attention to hands, elbows, knees and feet. These areas are prone to dryness and tan can develop darker in those spots. Use an oil-free moisturiser before applying tan for a more even finish.

Nobody loves orange palms, so be sure to invest in a pair of latex gloves! Once you have finished applying the tan to the rest of your body, remove one of the gloves and mix a tiny pea sized amount of oil-free moisturiser to the same sized amount of tan and apply to the back of the hand. Repeat with the other hand! Also I would advise doing this when applying tan to the feet.

Unless you are double jointed or have a very special other half I would suggest investing in a back brush. This will make it just a little bit easier to get to hard to reach areas

Dot some Vaseline to the eyebrows and around the hairline before applying tan to the face. Also make sure to have your eyebrows waxed and tinted a few days before having a spray tan!

Buffing will help to prevent the tan from looking patchy so purchasing a buffing mitt and buff any buildup away. Buffing also helps to spread the tan more evenly making the colour look more natural.

Avoid wearing deodorant on the day you are getting a spray tan or self-applying at home. Deodorant provides a barrier to the spray tan’s absorption.

Wear dark, loose clothing afterwards to prevent the tan from sticking to your clothes. Also I would recommend having a spray tan done as late in the day as possible. This way you can head home and relax afterwards.


Top Favourite Tans!

St Tropez





Rimmel Sunshimmer


L’Oreal Sublime




Some other tips!

For a special event I would recommend having a spray tan done two days beforehand as the tan generally sits better on the skin.

To get longer out of your tan and help it wear evenly, make sure to moisturise daily.

When going on holidays, use a tan extender to prolong your tan.

Buffing in a small amount of talc to the skin before bedtime helps prevent the tan from staining bed sheets!


Love Aoife xxx






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