Catrice HD Liquid Foundation -Review

I purchased this foundation on a recent shopping trip to my nearest Primark. I’m always on the look out for a new foundation, especially one that is long-lasting and inexpensive!



As I am quite pale skinned I picked up the lightest shade, which was light beige. The container, which holds the foundation is a glass bottle with a dropper making it look a lot more expensive than it is. This makes it easier to apply the correct amount without applying too much product and also less likely to spill!

The foundation is quite watery in consistency but the coverage is buildable and it covers any imperfections that I may have. It also dries to a matte finish so there is no shine left on the skin. This foundation is available in four different shades.



Overall I absolutely loved this product. I found the coverage was perfect to conceal any imperfections that I may have and I found that it actually lasted all day without moving! I also found the scent to be quite pleasant and the fact that it dries to a matte finish was a big plus!


I definitely will be repurchasing this foundation again!

Love Aoife xxx

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