Guinot Masque Hydra Sensitive -Review

The winter weather can be extremely harsh on my skin. It is one of the main factors in skin sensitivity during the colder months. I normally have very good skin and rarely suffer with skin problems. But once the weather becomes colder, my skin begins to change.

Lately, I find myself applying a stronger SPF because the wind can be just as damaging as the sun’s rays during the summer months. I also have been applying a stronger moisturizer, as my skin is super dry.




Masque hydra sensitive helps to reduce skin irritation, redness and it also promotes healing. The main ingredients in this product are almond oil, which is mild, hypoallergenic oil and Vitamin E, which helps to neutralize damaging free radicals. It is an amazing masque as it does exactly what it claims!

I have been using this product twice a week and I have found that my skin has improved. It has helped to soothe the skin around my nose and cheeks, where I suffer the most from sensitivity.


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I would definitely recommend that anyone who is touch sensitive during the winter months should use this masque as a treatment once to twice a week. For those with a sensitive skin type, I would highly recommend using this product weekly as it helps to soothe sensitive skin and also reduces visible redness.

Love Aoife xxx


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