How to choose the perfect eye shadow shade!

The first tip to choosing the perfect eye shadow shade for your eye colour is to look at the iris. If you look closely in a mirror, you will see that the iris (which is the coloured part of the eye) is built up of different shades. For example my own eyes are mainly a brown shade but there is a dark green line around the outer part of the iris along with gold flecks.



You can use this tip when picking eye shadows. For instance try using eyeliner in the shade that is in the outer part of the iris. Also if you have different flecks through your eye colour, try using a similar shade to highlight!


If you have brown eyes then you can wear any colour you like. But the shades that will work best are brown, plum, navy and blue.

For those that have green eyes, choose colours like gold, green, brown, burgundy or violet. These shades will certainly make this eye colour pop!

If you have blue eyes try wearing grey, gold, mauve, lilac and browns, as these will work best.

For those that have grey eyes, the most flattering colours are beige, steel grey, corals, pinks and purple.

If you have hazel eyes then opt for plums, green, copper or blue.




Another idea if you don’t know what shade will suit you is to download a colour wheel to your smartphone or computer. This will help you to always pick the correct eye shadow.




Take a look at the colour wheel above.



If you want to make your eyes stand out the best way of achieving this is to look across on the opposite side of the colour wheel to your own eye colour.

Another tip is to figure out if you have a warm or cool tone to your skin. If you tan easily then you have a warm tone and if you burn easily then you are more likely to have a cool tone.

The shade of hair colour also has an impact on eye shadows that will suit you. If you have dark black or brown hair then you can wear most shades. Try using more neutral shades if you have blonde hair.

If you have red or auburn hair, then choose coppers, green, gold and corals shades.


  Remember if you are in doubt then stick to browns! This colour suits most people.

I hope you guys found this informative.

Love Aoife xxx




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