How to choose the right glasses for your face shape!

I had my eyes tested with the Optician and when I was there, I began to think about what glasses would suit the various face shapes. I love different styled frames but I know how expensive they can be and if you end up hating them then you’re stuck with them! Some people are lucky and can get away with a few different styles while others are not so fortunate.


                               First of all, let’s try to determine which face shape you have:

If you have an Oval face shape then your features are the following: Narrow chin, high cheekbones and balanced features.

You should stick to bold shapes, fun colours and balanced size when picking frames.

Ideal frame shapes:



If your face is Square shaped then you most likely have the following features: Prominent jawline, angular features and wide forehead.

You should stick to round shaped glasses, thinner frames and neutral colours.

Ideal frame shapes:

Oval & round




If you have a Round face then your features probably include: Full cheeks and rounded chin.

You should go for wider frames and strong details.

Ideal frame shapes:




If you have a Heart shaped face, then your features probably include the following: Pointed, narrow chin, high cheekbones and broad forehead.

You should choose light coloured wide frames.

Ideal frame shapes:


Oval & round


Other tips to remember when choosing your next pair of glasses:

Make sure that your frames are in proportion to the rest of your face.

Also be sure to choose a colour that works well with your skin tone and features.

Remember that the shape of your frames should contrast with your face shape.



If in doubt, take a picture with the frames on or bring along someone you can trust.

        I hope this helps!

       Love Aoife xxx


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