Pump up the volume!

I have been trying for quite some time, to find the perfect product to help give my lashes a little more volume. I have found over the last few years that I’ve spent far too much time applying false eyelashes.They are great for a quick fix before a night out but I’m looking for a product that will give my natural lashes more volume and length!


instant_effects-lash-07ml-web   I had never heard of Instant Effects before now but I am dying to try out this product.


The Instant Effects Lash Volumiser increases lash volume by up to 20% and regular use is supposed to make lashes grow stronger, longer and fuller. It uses an Oxygen transfer technology which helps to instantly plump up lashes without damaging them.



How to use:

Apply the Instant Effects Instant Lash Volumiser directly onto the lashes with the wand, from root to tip. Then wait two minutes before you apply your mascara. They also recommend applying this product at night to allow for best results! You will see lash thickness by up to 40% and lash length is supposed to improve by up to 20%, if used every day for two weeks!



I’ve decided to take on the #ONTHELASH challenge for the next two weeks and afterwards I will let you guys know what I think of the end result by posting on here.


 Have you used this product yet? Let me know by commenting below.

    Love Aoife xxx



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