My Wishlist For August 2016!

Sometimes it’s nice to have money in that rainy day fund that you can splurge on whatever you want! We all need treats now and again! Since it has been a while since I added a Wish list, I thought I would share with you what I have been lusting after and what I plan to spend my money on!


August wishlist.jpg



Layla leather & Rose Gold Tone Headphones: I’m addicted to anything Rose Gold and think these are so pretty. I also prefer headphones to earbuds because after awhile earbuds really start to hurt my ears! €220

Vera Wang V365 Tokyo Tortoise Glasses: I fell in love with these glasses the other day when I was waiting to get my new lens. Unfortunately they were just a little on the pricey side. But they are definitely on my wish list.                               

MAC Pro Palette: I have been lusting after one of these for a while. I just think that they are brilliant, especially for any makeup artist that wants to build their makeup collection and have them all in the one palette. You can choose which colours you want to add to your own palette and have them with you on a shoot! The Palette itself is €14.00 and then the inserts are €3.50. The eyeshadow/blush pans vary but you can build on your collection bit by bit!

Michael Kors Handbag: I must admit that I have been coveting this handbag for a while! Even though I love these bags in most colours I still adore the brown shade. I like the large jet set travel tote as like most women I could possible fit the kitchen sink in there if I needed to! €295.00

Kindle Fire HD: When I travel, which is more often these days I like to have my favourite books with me. But because of weight restrictions I am limited to what I can bring when I do travel so that is why I think the kindle is the perfect little gadget to have with me to pass the time on those boring journeys! €249.99

Blank Canvas Folio Case: These are great for storing all your makeup brushes and keeping them save all in the one tidy compartment. I really need one as my makeup brush collection has expanded so much that my old case wont fit half of my brush! €19.99

Stila Liquid Lipsticks: These are great as they give full coverage and stays put for hours! They are packed with Vitamin E and avocado oil, which helps to hydrate and soften the lips. I absolutely adore the beautiful shades that the lipsticks come in and can’t wait for my next purchase. €21.50

Hourglass Ambient lighting powder: I have heard people rave about this product and now I feel I need it in my life. It is a highlighting product designed to create that natural light to the face. €68.00

Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold: Apart from the rose gold, vintage style packaging I really want to try this makeup brand. I’ve never tried it but this cute highlighter looks beautiful in its box. €40.00 (limited addition)

Alex & Ani Charm Bracelet: I think that these bracelets are beautiful and the best thing about them is that you can layer them so you can wear a couple together, creating a completely different look. They come in both Gold and silver. €36.00

Iphone 6s: I’m due an upgrade on my phone soon so I think I might just hold out for that! But I do love the Iphone and have had one since they were launched.

Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm: This helps to dissolve makeup from the skin and leaves it feeling nourished, cleansed and renewed. It is packed with anti ageing algae, padina pavonica as are other products in the Elemis range. It is also suitable for all skin types. It’s a beauty must! €50.00


Some of the things on this wish list are on the pricer side and some are cheaper. I thought I would do a mix of prices. That said a lot of the things on here I will possible be lusting after for a little longer! What is on your list for this month?

Love Aoife xxx

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