Choker Necklaces -Fashion

Here is another throwback to the 90’s –the choker necklace! Drew Barrymore, Alicia Silverstone, Kate Winslet are a few women that would have worn this trend in the 1990’s. Just think back to some of the films that would have been out around that time and if you are looking for a little inspiration then why not check them out for yourself.



  Channel your inner dark side! -The Craft





the craft chokers

              Try these if you are looking for more of a grunge/goth look

Black Thick Velvet Choker –River Island €10.00

                                                        Black Choker –River Island €6.00

                                               Black Wrap bow choker –River Island €8.00

            Black Wide Cross Choker –River Island €13.00



silver choker

Or If you are looking for a more elegant look 

Black Layered Diamante Choker -New Look €7.99

White Pearl Charm Choker –New Look €6.99

Silver Chunky Chain Layered Choker –New Look €7.99

There are so many different options available depending on your budget. Whether you prefer to keep a look simple by wearing a plain black choker or if you want to stand out from the crowd! Let me know your thoughts on this trend.

Love Aoife xxx


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