Sweet for my sweet, sugar for my honey! (Dupes Review)

I really like dupes. I especially love when I find a really good version of something I like. A few months back, I purchased the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar and reviewed it on my blog. (which you can read here).

Although I would purchase the Too Faced palette again, it is nice to have an alternative and at a much cheaper price! I came across Revolution makeup while on holidays. When I saw that the Salted Caramel palette was a dead ringer to the Semi Sweet Chocolate bar I knew I just had to have it!


  Too Faced V’s Revolution!


The two palettes are both shaped like a chocolate bar. The Revolution palette is my favourite because it looks like half of the chocolate has melted so it is slightly quirkier. Both have the exact same shades. However, the black shade of eyeshadow is in a slightly different position in the palette. The Salted Caramel palette has a larger mirror and comes with a sponge applicator while the Too Faced palette has a smaller mirror and no applicator.


Too Faced, Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar, Palette -€47.00


Both palettes have an amazing aroma. I really wanted to eat them! But then I am a chocoholic! The Semi Sweet palette has a coco like aroma and the Salted caramel palette has a hint of caramel and vanilla!



                    Revolution, Salted Caramel Palette -€9.99


Overall, the quality in the Too Faced palette was definitely stronger but the pigment in the Revolution palette was very good considering the price.

There was a bit of fall out with both palettes but then I think most eye shadow does this. The texture of the eye shadows in the Semi-Sweet palette is creamier than its dupe version –Salted Caramel. However, both eye shadow palettes blend well and have good staying power. This is the best dupe I have found yet!

I would say that if you are trying to save some money then go with the cheaper palette but if you want a treat then I recommend the Too Faced Palette!


What do you guys think?

Love Aoife xxx


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