Fake it,till you make it!

Eyebrows have been the focal point in every woman’s daily makeup routine in the past but in the last few years we have really seen a major turn in the way we women think about them!


                                                          Classic beauty Audrey Hepburn 


Gone are the over plucked “within an inch of their lives” eyebrows and now replaced with beautifully defined ones instead. You would be surprised by just how much difference it makes to someone’s face. After all, they say, “Eyes are the windows to the soul”


You can imagine how excited I was when I heard that Benefit had launched a selection of new brow products! -I was thrilled!


Gimme brow volumizing eyebrow gel -€26.00


This is a tinted eyebrow gel that when applied to the brow is said to give a fuller looking brow!


-volumises, tames & tints




Goof proof eyebrow pencil -€26.00



This is a non-sharpen pencil with a glide-on formula which makes it ‘goof proof’ to apply!


-shape & fill brows easy

-12-hour waterproof formula



Ka-Brow! Eyebrow cream-gel colour -€26.00



This is a buildable product, which helps to fill and define the brows. It also comes with a hard-angled brush, making it easier to apply the product!

-can create natural or dramatic brows

-24 hour waterproof



BROWVO! Conditioning eyebrow primer -€30.50



This is a brow serum, which helps to condition the brows as it contains keratin and soy proteins!

-clear gel



Brow zings eyebrow shaping kit -€35.00



This is the new and improved brow kit. This consists of a wax and an eyebrow powder, a slanted tweezers and a applicator. It comes in three different shades.


-setting powder


Precisely, my brow eyebrow pencil -€26.00



This helps define and create a natural-looking brow.


-Built-in spoolie-brush



High brow eyebrow highlighter -€24.00



This is a natural looking highlighter that helps brighten underneath the brow bone. It also helps to create that arch by giving the appearance of a lift!

-lifts brows

-creamy texture



High brow glow brow highlighter -€24.00



This helps give a beautiful glow. It also makes the eyes appear more awake!

-smooth formula


3D BROWtones eyebrow enhancer -€26.00



This gives a more 3D effect to the brows by creating highlights and more dimension!




Ready, set, BROW! Clear brow gel -€26.00



This product is a clear gel, which helps to tame and shape the brows! This would be perfect for anyone with eyebrows that just don’t sit!

-clear gel


Have you tried and tested any of these products from this range? If so I would love to hear your option on them!

Love Aoife xxx

5 thoughts on “Fake it,till you make it!

  1. allthingsaisling says:

    Great post! This new range is gorgeous and the packaging is to die for 😍 so far I’ve tried the gimme brow, the goof proof pencil, the brow zings and the ready set brow gel and I think they’re all amazing for getting those gorgeous thick eyebrows and for keeping them in place all day! 💕

    Liked by 2 people

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