Popcorn Lip Scrub -Lush Review!

I love Lush so much. When I spotted this cute lip scrub I had to pick one up for myself. I find that my lips are quite dry and chapped, possibly more since I got my braces.


  Lip Scrubs only €6.75


Even though the scrub comes in a 25g pot, a little goes a long way as I found out upon opening the product. I only needed the smallest amount so it should last for ages! The combination of coconut, jojoba oils and popping candy helped to exfoliate my lips leaving them silky smooth and removing any dead skin. This product comes with me everywhere now. I actually don’t know how I managed for so long without a lip scrub.




I think the scent of the popcorn lip scrub alone helped my choice. The only problem was trying to stop myself from eating it! But I definitely think I will have to try the rest of them.



       Pucker up with these bad boys!



Have you tried any of the Lush lip scrubs yet? If so, which one is your favourite?

                                                                      Love Aoife xxx


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