Sally Hansen Airbrush -Review

I don’t always like to wear tan but when I do I just want to have that sun kissed glow. As I am extremely pale I don’t want to look like an Umpa lumpa but I do like to apply tan before a night out!


        Sally Hansen Airbrush legs comes on five different shades!


Sally Hansen has been around a long time but I have to say it is great for a quick fix or when you are racing out the door. I have used the spray version of this brand in the past but I thought I would give the lotion a try. I decided to buy the light shade since I am so pale and I have to say it was the perfect shade when applied to my skin.


I loved how the colour worked so well with my own skin tone and it gave me a lovely bronze glow, which was exactly what I wanted! It also covers up imperfections, freckles and veins. But I would recommend wearing a mitt to apply the product, as it is extremely messy and it goes on more evenly with the mitt.


The two things I noticed was the fact that it actually smelt nicer than the spray version. The other thing is that it is suppose to be transfer resistant – it isn’t! I found this out once I sat down on my lovely white sheets even though I did give the tan time to dry!




The fact that it did rub off on clothes didn’t put me off but I won’t be wearing anything white even though Sally Hansen does actually wash out!

Love Aoife xxx



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