Lush -Review!

I absolutely adore Lush products and on my latest haul video I showed you some of the products I purchased the last time I was in town. I hadn’t been in a Lush store in ages and I really felt like treating myself to something.



When you walk inside the store itself you immediately get the most amazing smell from the different products and because everything is freshly handmade it really is quite strong in scent, which I love!


      Lush are against Animal testing and are 100% Vegetarian.


I had a look around before settling on a hand cream called “Helping Hands”. One of the sales assistants told me that this product was excellent for anyone who has really dry or over washed hands. My hands are quite dry as I am constantly having to wash my hands in work and because the weather is still cold outside.

I bought the smaller pot of the “Helping Hands” and it smells amazing! The main ingredients in it are Chamomile, which reduces redness and African marigold oil, which is great for sore broken skin. There is also almond and cocoa butter. This helps with dry skin.


As soon as I started to use this product I noticed how soft my hands felt and it does not leave a sticky residue as it sinks in quickly. I continued to use it twice a day and after only a few days of actually applying the product to my skin I started to notice a difference. My skin wasn’t peeling or as dry as it had been before I began using this hand cream.


This is the best hand cream I have used and I would really recommend anyone who has dry hands to give this product a go!

Do you use Lush? What are your favourite products from this range? IS there anything you would recommend I try next?

Love Aoife xxx


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