Get Beach Ready In Five Weeks!

The summer is just around the corner and I’m off on my jolly holidays at the end of May. If you are like me being pale is bad enough but then I hear the word Bikini being uttered from someone’s lips and it makes me break out in a cold sweat!



Let’s get started!


Drink Plenty of water. It is super important to stay hydrated. Boosting your metabolism and making your skin glow!

Reduce stress by meditation or take a yoga class.

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Cut down on Sugary foods, such as fizzy drinks and other treats.

 Cut out alcohol.

Don’t eat anything two hours before you go to bed.

Watch your carb intake!

Here is my Workout Routine!

workout monday

workout wednesday

workout friday.jpg

Make sure to rest for thirty to forty-five seconds between each set and don’t forget to increase the intensity each week! Also make sure to have rest days where you don’t workout. I would recommend that you consult a doctor before trying to lose weight, as I am not a professional! Stop immediately if feeling unwell or

Try not to beat yourself up about your shape. Everyone is unique and beauty comes from within.

Love Aoife xxx


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