Flawless Wonder Brush -Review!

I’ve been searching for one of these brushes for a while now. The ones online are more on the expensive side and I wanted to try one of these brushes before I invest my money! So when I spotted this particular brand and how reasonable the price was I decided to purchase one for myself.



The flawless wonder brush is a multipurpose tool, as it can be used to apply foundation, contouring, primer, and cream powder. It has an oval shaped head making it easier to blend and achieve a streak-free, flawless finish.

The bristles on the brush are super soft so it does not feel harsh against the skin and also because the way the bristles are packed so tightly together it doesn’t absorb the product.



   Flawless Wonder Brush


My first impression of this brush was that it felt slightly awkward holding the brush. When I applied bronzer to my face and tried to blend it out it didn’t leave any streaks along my forehead but when I tried to contour along the cheekbones I felt that I was rubbing half my makeup off! I felt that it didn’t work as well as I had expected.

To be honest I haven’t been using the flawless wonder brush for long so maybe I will change my mind on it. Have you guys tried this brush? Let me know what you think!


Love Aoife xxx


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