My Quest For The Perfect Smile -Part Two

Last Thursday I went back to the Orthodontist to have my braces fitted! Even though I was extremely nervous, I was really excited to be finally going ahead with it.

I had a 9am appointment so I was up bright and early. I didn’t sleep much the night before due to nerves! I arrived in plenty of time and sat in the waiting room until my name was called.

Then the nurse called me into an office where I waited for the Orthodontist to go through the final details with me before the fitting. He explained the procedure and how long I will have to wear them.

After that, there was some prep work that needed to be done. First of all, I had to decide which type of braces I was going to get. I had discussed this with the Orthodontist during the consultation and he had advised me to go with the traditional braces, which are metal brackets and wires. These are more noticeable but they don’t stain as easily as the ceramic or invisible braces. I took his advice and went with the traditional ones.



                                                    Here are the colours you can choose from!


Next, I had to choose between coloured brackets or plain! I went with the teal ones but there was a range of different colours available. After that, my teeth were cleaned and dried. Then, bonding glue was applied to the surface of my teeth. The Orthodontist then placed the brackets on the glue, followed by the arch wire and then it was finished! On this occasion, I had braces fitted only to my top teeth. The bottom ones will be fitted at a later date.


     Here are my before and after pictures! (I can’t wait to see them in a few weeks.)






The whole process didn’t take long and then I was given some mouthwash to take away the taste of the glue. The nurse went through the aftercare advice with me and advised me to stick to soft foods for the first few days. She also said that it was important to brush my teeth after every meal and snack. I was given an Orthodontic wax to help prevent mouth sores.


Foods to avoid with braces:

Bread rolls


Chewing gum




Hard sweets





Raw vegetables

Corn on the cob




Foods you can eat with braces:

Mashed potatoes





Soft rolls




Soft cheese







I’ve been lucky as the braces haven’t hurt me at all –yet! I have been finding it difficult to eat but I know this will ease as I become more accustomed to wearing my braces.



Love Aoife xx


2 thoughts on “My Quest For The Perfect Smile -Part Two

  1. Katie Kuo says:

    That’s really exciting! I recently got metal braces too, they placed the top ones first and will place the bottom ones at a later date. All the best with your braces journey! It’s going to be so worth it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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