How to achieve my Faux Hawk hairstyle!

Sometimes I get really fed up with the same old hairstyles! I’m constantly messing around with my hair to create a different look and I was so excited when I found this worked really well with hair extensions. This adds bulk and lots of volume to this particular hairstyle if you find that you have fine hair like myself.

Why not have a go at this, chic faux hawk up do! There are so many different versions of this style, which is really trendy right now! You can go feminine, messy or fierce. Just remember any up do works best if your hair isn’t freshly washed.


pictures of my faux hawk

  Faux Hawk!



Firstly, I created a ponytail starting nearest my forehead. I clipped my ponytail up before going to the next step.

Then the next section I took hair from either side (just above my ears) and made the second ponytail.

I started to work diagonally to create the rest of the ponytails, clipping them up and out of the way before moving on to the next section.

After I had finished making the last ponytail (which should be sitting just above the neck) I went back and unclipped the ponytails.

Next I began to add my hair extensions. I stuck to using the two-clip weft or three -clip wefts and wrapped that around each of the ponytails that I had just made.

Once the hair extensions are clipped in I made a messy bun with the first ponytail and secured it in place with Kirby clips before repeating this step with the rest of my hair. You can also braid each ponytail for a slightly different look but I prefer the more textured look of the messy bun!

When I was finished I gently pulled the hair to make it messier and the give the faux hawk a fiercer look!

faux hawk2.jpg

         Voila, the end result!


I will be doing a hair tutorial on my Youtube channel soon for those of you who would like to achieve this look then stay tuned!

Love Aoife xxx


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