My Top Five Liquid Eyeliners I heart!

I love creating amazing flicks that even Brigitte Bardot would be proud of! With the right eyeliner and a little time you can create the thinnest line or a thicker line depending on the look you wish to accomplish. I though I would share with you my top five liquid eyeliners.




Lancôme Artliner Precision felt tip liquid liner: This liner comes in many different shades as well as black. The pigment is strong and rich. The tip of the pen is long and narrow, perfect for a more defined line. -€28.50



L’ORÉAL Super liner perfect slim: This liner also comes in a few different shades. I haven’t tried any of the other colours, yet! I’m hoping that I won’t be let down, when I do. I notice this eyeliner is very close to the Lancôme liner. It could pass as a dupe. The pigment glides on easily and doesn’t budge all day. -€10.49




Benefit Magic Ink Jet black liquid: This is a great product for creating the perfect flick. It has a super fine, flexible brush. Brilliant, if you are like me and like your flicks to be precise!



NYX The curve liquid eyeliner: This is a handy little eyeliner for anyone with a shaky hand! It helps create that perfect line every time and is beautifully rich in colour. €15.99




Essence liquid link Eyeliner waterproof: Although it says it is waterproof, I have yet to put it to the test! This liner is brilliant for anyone on a budget. The tip is quite fine but it is super accurate. -€3.09



What’s your favourite eyeliner? Have I mentioned it here in this post? If not let me know!

Love Aoife xxx







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