Pamper yourself – Night in!

I love having a night to myself after a busy week at work. A night at home can be so relaxing and I always find myself nodding off to sleep by the end! In fact, I think I need to do it a little more often. Taking time out for oneself is super beneficial not just for the body but also for the mind.


                 Candles are a must for a relaxing pamper night in!

The first thing I do is change into my fluffy dressing gown and comfy slippers. Then I run a bath, adding in a bath bomb (I love the ones you can get from Lush) or Soap & Glory’s bath float to create tons of bubbles because what’s a bath without them?


      Bath Bombs!!

Then I light some pretty scented candles and place them around the edge of the bath. I also grab my iPod and flick through that ‘till I get to the right playlist. Next I gently exfoliate my skin with my favourite exfoliator by Guinot (Guinot éclat parfait). I use this about twice a week. It removes dead skin cells and helps to keep my skin looking radiant.

While relaxing in the bath I like to apply a facemask. I am currently using the Exotic cream-moisturizing mask from Elemis. It is not cheap but is worth every cent! You can leave it on over night, which is great as my skin at the moment is super dehydrated.

I generally like to apply a treatment to my hair. Lately, I have been using a hair mask for dry hair. I love this mask so much and find it really helps to leave my hair feeling soft! I apply the mask to towel dried hair, massaging it in gently. I pop a warm towel around my hair and leave the mask on for about twenty minutes. This allows the mask to work into the hair follicles, nourishing and repairing dry, damaged hair.

With my hair treatment on, I like to make myself a cup of Chamomile tea. This helps to ease insomnia or sleepless nights! Plus, it is a healthier option for a nighttime tea.


                                                              Music on, lights off!                                                     

Once the mask has been on for twenty minutes I rinse it out with a shampoo and conditioner. I like to change the shampoo and conditioner from time to time for better effect. Then I comb my hair and add a small amount of L’Oreal’s extraordinary oil before drying my hair. Once my hair is dry, I add the tiniest drop of Argan oil to prevent flyaway hair.

Finally, I apply heel genius by Soap & Glory to my feet as I am on the go all day at work. My poor tired feet sometimes get a bit neglected. I also like to apply Rhubarb & Rose hand cream by Molton Brown. I adore the smell of Molton Brown products!

If I have time I paint my nails in a pretty colour. I really like the Gelly Hi Shine nail paint by Barry M in Blood Orange!


             Then it’s Netflix and chill before I fall asleep!


What’s your pamper night in like? Do you have any DIY masks you use? Comment below!


                  Love Aoife xxx

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