Short hair today…Rapunzel tomorrow!!

I use hair extensions because my hair is fine and I like the way that the extensions give my hair more volume. I actually feel better with longer, fuller hair as I’m sure a lot of women do. A few years ago I had pre-bonded hair extensions applied to my natural hair. The difference was unbelievable! They looked amazing and blended in with my own hair colour. Nobody could tell the difference, which is what I wanted! The thing is hair extensions can be pretty expensive this is why I opted this time around for clip-ins. At first I just wore them on a night out but then slowly began wearing them everyday. Now I am addicted to them!

                                                Love this girls loose waves!!

Here is why I decided to go with clip-ins:

-There isn’t as much maintenance with them. Plus you aren’t sitting in a salon for hours while your hair stylist attaches extensions to you own hair.

-Hair extensions that are pre-bonded can be damaging to your own hair, if you are going to have them in long term or if they are not removed correctly.

-You can choose from a number of different lengths of hair extensions.

-Clip-ins come in both synthetic and 100% natural human hair. This is important no matter what hair extensions you go for. If you want to be able to straighten, curl or style your hair whatever way you want then I would go with 100% natural human hair, as you can not style synthetic hair!

-Depending on where you purchase your clip-in hair extensions, they can be cheaper than pre-bonded or other types of extensions.


I’m addicted to Hairspray Hair Extensions!!

There are many different types of Hair extensions available these days it just depends on what type suits you:

Clip-in Hair Extensions: Are temporary hair extensions. Can be clipped in or removed within minutes. Come in different lengths, styles and colour.

Weave Hair Extensions: Natural hair is plaited into a cornrow and then the hair extensions are sewn into the cornrow.

Pre-bonded Hair Extensions: Hair strains are pre bonded with different types of adhesives –such as keratin. A glue gun is used to soften the bond.

Micro link Hair Extensions: The hair extension is looped through the natural hair and then clamped on to it using pliers and a metal bead.

Caring for your hair extensions

It is important to take care of your extensions after all you have invested a lot of money on them. If you do this then you will have your hair extensions for longer.

-Invest on a proper brush that is just for hair extensions. This way you won’t damage the bonds or the hair.

-Only use a shampoo that your hairstylist recommends to you. Usually this will be one that does not contain any chemicals such as silicone and sulphate. These can soften the bonds in your hair extensions and make them fall out! When using a conditioner only use it on the ends of the hair.

-You shouldn’t wash your hair everyday as this also leads to bonds softening.

– Always pat dry hair extensions never rub or twist hair.

– If you plait your hair before you go to bed it helps to prevent knots.


I hope this has been helpful and if you do decide to go with hair extensions please always check that the hairstylist or salon you are going to is fully qualified in applying hair extensions. If in doubt ask others where they have had them done. Be it a friend or someone you trust.

-Love Aoife xxx


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