DIY -How to make your own lip balm from an old lipstick!!

Ever wonder what you could have done with that lipstick that broke or was worn down too much? Frustrating I know but don’t throw them in the bin just yet!

Making your own lip balm is cheap and easy. Let’s get started!


The finished product!

Things you will need:


-Empty cosmetic jar

-Petroleum Jelly

-Coconut oil


-Orange wood stick /wooden spatula

-Vanilla essential oil

  Firstly thoroughly clean out the cosmetic jar or whatever you are going to put the lip balm into.


Clear cosmetic jars – I purchased these from Penney’s 

    Then slice a thin sliver of lipstick into a heat resistant microwavable bowl. You won’t     need much lipstick unless you want the lip balm to be darker.


Add a little more Petroleum Jelly than lipstick.

Next add a small amount of petroleum jelly to the bowl and put it into the microwave for a few seconds. Be careful when you are removing the bowl as it could be extremely hot! Once the lipstick and petroleum jelly have melted together you can then add a few drops of coconut oil and vanilla essential oil.


Coconut oil is nourishing and moisturising.



Super messy!!

Pour into a clear cosmetic jar, let it cool before popping into the fridge for about an hour. Once it has set place the lid on and voila ready to use.

Have you any favourite scent? Why not share them in the comments below?

Love Aoife. xxx

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