Vamp it up!!!

I love winter. I much prefer it to the summer-call me crazy! I always get excited when I see a new trend that I am dying to try out and right now it’s the vampy lip. The shades range from a deep burgundy to black. There is a colour for all of us no matter what skin tone!

There are many different shades of lipstick and they range from the expensive to the not so expensive. There is sure to be one within your price range!

       Can’t wait to try these!! Ingot -Black Swan


          Tips to remember!

Try before you buy that way you won’t end up with the wrong shade. If in doubt –don’t buy.

   Lily Collins

Make sure to lightly exfoliate your lips before you apply the lippy as darker shades will only emphasize chapped lips.

Don’t forget to apply your lipstick with a brush and line the lips to prevent the colour bleeding into the surrounding skin. Also remember the age-old rule, if you are wearing a darker shade on the lips then go lighter on the eyes! Perhaps use just a little black liner to set the look unless you want to go for more of a Gothic look. Then, go for it! I love the more dramatic look.

 Taylor Momsen can really pull this look off!

You can apply a dark lipstick for an evening look if you are unsure whether or not to wear it during the day. If you aren’t feeling adventurous go for a stain or a plum colour.

Be careful, if you have thin lips, as a darker (matte) shade of lipstick can make your lips look thinner!

Love Aoife xxx

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