Dupes!! -Lipgloss

Don’t you just hate when you spend a small fortune on a lipgloss only to realize in a few months that they have discontinued that exact colour or that it was a limited edition! Frustrating – I know but we have all been there.

Sometimes even if the high end product isn’t discontinued you may not always have the money to purchase it! That is why I love when I find a dupe!

             Mac Dazzleglass –Love Alert -€22.00

I love this Mac lipgloss in love alert but my nearest Mac store is miles from where I live. I just so happened to be in Penney’s one day looking at the Catrice lipgloss when I came across a similar shade gloss and at a much cheaper price!

Catrice Infinite Shine Lip gloss, 150 –Pink Twice -€3.49

Similarities: Both are a bright raspberry colour and give an intense shine to the lips! They also are non-sticky in consistency.


                                                         Catrice in Pink Twice


Mac in Love Alert

Differences: Mac love alert has a light reflective shine making it sparkle in the light where as the Catrice gloss doesn’t but its still pretty good for the price!


Over-all: This is a tough one because even though I love Mac lipgloss, I’m pretty impressed with the Catrice lipgloss and how vibrant the colour is. It’s also a steal in price. I don’t think I can say that I would definitely choose one over the other. But if you are looking to save some cash then go with Catrice.

        Love Aoife xxx


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