Contouring & Highlighting for your face shape!!

Everyone knows or at least has heard of contouring and highlighting, thanks to Kim Kardashian. What did we do beforehand? It is so amazing and it can really enhance a person’s best features and conceal the ones that we don’t love!

This is definitely one of my key make-up tips right now. I’m totally addicted as I’m sure most other women are! But it can go horribly wrong if you don’t know what you are doing. I have created a few basic steps to help you guys along…

Knowing your face shape and which areas to highlight and contour are a must so let us take a look at the face chart below;


Once you have determined your face shape you can begin. First, apply concealer and your favourite foundation as your base. Then take a darker foundation or powder (you’re going to use this for contouring) and contour the underside of your cheekbones. This helps to define them! Next, contour under the jawline which helps to slim the face and hide that double chin!. Contour along the hairline to make the forehead appear smaller. If you have a large forehead then obviously you will need to contour more of your forehead and do the reverse if you don’t! Then contour along both sides of the nose and the tip. The nose will appear slimmer and more defined.

The next step is to highlight the face. Take a lighter foundation (I use one that is about two shades lighter than my normal foundation) and apply it to the bridge of the nose and between the brows. I also add highlighting under the brow to create a lifting effect to the eyes. Then highlight the highest part of the cheekbones to define them. The last step was to highlight either side of the mouth. Make sure to blend, blend, blend!! To finish this look I would add a loose (transparent) powder to set the look.

Here’s how I mapped out my own face for contouring and highlighting. I have an oval face shape but you may have a different shape to your face so check back to the chart above to check your face shape!


I hope this helps and I will add a tutorial video on this topic very soon. Stay tuned!!

Love Aoife xxx


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