How to clean your make-up brushes!!!

It is so important to clean your make-up brushes on a regular basis as if you don’t do this it can lead to breakouts or nasty eye infections! Plus it keeps your makeup brushes in good condition and helps them last longer. So I really recommend that you wash them out about once a week.

You can buy brush cleaners but to be honest I really don’t like the way my makeup brushes feel after them. So I use a gentle shampoo instead and I would recommend baby shampoo as its not going to damage your make-up brushes and leaves them feeling soft and kills off any bacteria. This does exactly the same thing as any brush cleaner and is an awful lot cheaper.



Take your brushes and angling them in a downward position, gently rinse them under tepid water. Do not use hot water, as this will melt the glue on them or damage the bristles. You don’t want to risk damaging them in any way especially because brushes can be expensive.

Next add about three small pumps of baby shampoo and gently massage into the bristles of your makeup brushes. Repeat with all brushes.

Then rinse them again under tepid water, massaging them gently until they are clean from any makeup and there is no residue left on the bristles. Make sure not to get the handles of your brushes wet. This could also damage them.

Once you are finished cleaning your makeup brushes, place a towel on a flat area and place the brushes onto the towel. Gently fold the towel over the brushes and pat them dry.

Reshape the bristles and leave them to dry flat on the towel for between 5-6 hours or if you can over night. You can use some coconut oil on the bristles once you have washed them it will leave them extra soft and make them last longer.

 Love Aoife xxx

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