Spring Cleaning -How to sort out your wardrobe!

So it’s that time of year and your closet most likely resembles a floordrobe! Or if you are like me anyway, have accumulated a lot of stuff that’s just hanging there that has not been worn and may still have the tags on them!

First up don’t try to tackle it all in the one day! Start off by separating it into sections. And remember to be honest here…Be brutal don’t hold on to anything you are not going to wear again!

   Ask these questions:

-Have I worn it in the last twelve months?
-Does it still fit?
-Will I wear it again?
-Is it damaged?

Make a playlist to keep you motivated –nothing like a killer tune to help declutter that space!

Organize and separate clothes into categories:

Keep, Toss or Give away

Once you have divided the items into the three different categories it becomes a little easier to see what is left. (Make sure to place any items of clothing that you are tossing into heavy-duty bin liners and recycle them. Do this before you are tempted to keep anything in this pile!). If you are unsure about a certain item of clothing, add it to a fourth category called the “maybe section” then when you are finished going through everything come back to this and ask yourself those questions again. If you still can’t decide, keep it for a month and if you haven’t worn it by the end of the month, toss it out!

If you bought something that needs altering send it to a tailor straight away –don’t hide it away and forget about it!


I like to place things like with like, as it is easier to find after you have tidied everything away again. Shoes in one section, handbags in their covers if they have them as it helps to keep the dust off them and also protects them from fading. Invest in non-expensive storage inserts or more hangers for your clothes. Storage boxes are cheap and brighten up a room.

Vintage suitcase storage boxes!!

Remember that once you have finished sorting out your wardrobe it will now have more space for new clothes…Yeah!

Love Aoife xxx


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