Review -Benefit’s new Roller lash mascara!!

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I’m a make-up addict and absolutely adore Benefit make-up. I’ve always been a fan! The cute packaging alone makes me want to buy the whole range! So when I heard that they had brought out a new mascara I knew that I just had to try it out for myself… benefitgirl I normally wear two different types of mascara and layer it to make my eyes bigger but with the roller lash I didn’t need to do that at all! It gives that lifting effect to the lashes and separates them without clumping. I love that it curls your lashes and means that you don’t have to worry about using those scary eyelash curlers! It really does work, making the eyes bigger and more open. This mascara does not feel heavy in anyway or feel brittle after drying. The texture is soft with a satin finish and comes in black. The mascara contains Provitamin B5 and Serin, which are known for their lash conditioning benefits. It’s easy to remove too, which is great because lets face it –nobody wants to be left with panda eyes the next morning! benefit-roller-lash-mascara-d-2015012715393806~401072 I definitely give this mascara the big thumbs up…you guys are going to love it! It’s totally amazing and worth the price too! The Roller lash mascara can be bought at any Benefit counter and costs €26.00. IMG_2404 Love Aoife xx

5 thoughts on “Review -Benefit’s new Roller lash mascara!!

  1. rachaelaflood says:

    thanks so much for the review! I was umming and ahhing about getting the roller lash and I might just go out and buy it now 😛 I really love having wide eyes and it sounds like this is the mascara that will do the trick!!

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