Paris in the spring!

I’m just back from a fantastic weekend trip to Paris!! I had such a blast and wished it didn’t have to end but unfortunately holidays always seem to go by so quickly.


I did however get to do some sightseeing as you can see from the pictures below and what’s a trip to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacre-Coeur, and, of course, embracing my inner child I had to make a stop off at Disneyland!



Racing around, visiting the different sights made me think of one important thing -water intake and I could not finish off this post without stressing the importance of keeping hydrated, especially when travelling. I always try to have a bottle of water in my carry on bag when I fly as air travel can be really dehydrating on the skin.Now I know it’s not always easy to drink the recommended amount each day as everyone doesn’t like the taste of water so if you one of those people –try adding a slice of lemon or lime (it helps with the taste). Trust me, it works!

Remember to start off by refilling a water bottle and before you know it you will reach the recommended daily amount (eight glasses). In a few weeks your skin will be glowing and hydrated.

Love Aoife xxx

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